IT Consultancy


If you have many complex use-cases  to take into account you are  backed by years of professional experience that we offer a personalized collaboration to formalize or refine your business requirements.

We will formulate for you the realistic options with tomorrow's technologies applicable today.

One of the hardest decision in a new project is finding an optimal trade-off between the needs, the costs and the resulting business value. We are here to help you overcome this difficult choice!


You have the business requirements? It is now possible for us to write down your project's plan including components, road map, and time estimation.

If necessary we can pilot a research or prototyping phase before you validate the proposed planning. We recommend it particularly if potential risks have been highlighted during the definition of the project.


Your project plan contains the objectives, deliverables and detailed schedule? Now the most rewarding step can start!

This include designing the architecture to sustain the range of planned features as well as future evolutions.

Then each individual component will be implemented using an horizontal development approach as much as possible. This way, a usable system - albeit incomplete - is available for a test drive sooner.

Each milestone along the way to a final solution will lead to a discussion and validation with you to ensure expectations are met. Adapting the plan as the project move forward is perfectly normal. In fact, waiting the last minute to do so is a recipe for disaster.


An unexpected situation occurred? You quickly need new features? You want guarantees that your project stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and security patches? No problem! These are services we gladly provide too.

When applicable to your project we can offer training so that your team can exploit the full potential of the delivered solution.

We can also write detailed documentation to explain how to perform maintenance if you want to take over this task internally.

Once the project arrives at maturation and if you wish it, we will be happy to organize a knowledge transfer to ensure that your team of engineers can take over smoothly the future developments.